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You could be leaving hundreds and thousands of € on the table. Find which countries allow VAT to be reclaimed and what expenses are allowed.

You Pay Nothing Upfront.
You only pay a small % of recovered VAT

You Pay Nothing Upfront. You only pay a small % of recovered VAT

Up to 100% VAT Recovery
on Eligible Expenses

VAT Reclaim process is complex. We make it simple and easy for you to
receive VAT reclaims for any business activity related expense




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Why Choose CB VAT


CB VAT ensures you get maximum VAT in the fastest time. On an average we deliver up to 30% more value in VAT reclaims than anyone else. Each and every expense you qualify for, we make sure you get every € back.


Your money is safe in the escrow account in one of the top banks and you receive in your account the moment it is released by authorities. There is zero delay in getting your money to you.


From invoice collection to VAT reclaim money transferred to your account, you have full visibility into every step in the process and the status of every claim filed with respected countries.


When you work with CB VAT, you are only paying a single fee upon successful recovery of VAT. There are no hidden fees or surprises.


We are physically present in all countries you have claimable VAT expense and the winning process is implemented across all locations to ensure consistency and successful outcome every single time.


Your own free travel portal, customized for your company with dashboard and reporting on all bookings. Direct savings through special negotiated rates for Hotels, Car rentals and much more. Automated VAT compliant invoices and lowest VAT recovery fee in the industry for all bookings.

CB VAT is a member of the United Cash Back that has been providing VAT expertise to world’s leading companies since last 30 years. With our proven processes, deep expertise in VAT regualations, the best VAT experts; we are committed to solving all challenges related to VAT.

Go on, focus on big things and leave VAT Recovery to the experts.

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